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Regulatory Approvals & Representation

Registrar of Companies
  • Change of name/ object clause
  • Conversion of Public company to Private and vice versa
  • Extension of time for holding AGM
  • Change and extension of financial year
  • Commencement of new business not germane to main object
  • Declaration of a company as defunct company
  • Certificate of commencement of business by public companies
  • Other applications
Regional Director
  • Contracts in which Directors and/or their relatives are interested
  • Licenses for incorporation of section 25 company
  • Removal of Auditors before expiry of term
  • Rectification of name
  • Shifting of registered office from jurisdiction of one ROC to another
  • Compounding of Offence
  • Other Applications
Central Government
  • Increase in number of Directors
  • Loans to directors, their relatives and interested parties
  • Declaration of dividend out of reserves
  • Appointment of cost auditors
  • Removal of Directors
  • Appointment of sole selling/ sole buying agents
  • Payment of interest out of capital
  • Condonation of delay in filing of forms with MCA
  • Office or Place of Profit
  • Appointment / remuneration / waiver of remuneration of Directors and Managerial Personnel
  • Exemption from attaching balance sheet of subsidiary companies to its holding company
  • Change in the form and contents of the Financial Statements
  • Other Applications
Company Law Board
  • Shifting of registered office from one state to another
  • Condonation of delay in filing of forms for creation / modification / satisfaction of charge
  • Issue of Shares at discount
  • Extension of time for not issuing debenture certificate within 3 months
  • Convening AGM / EGM in case of default by the company
  • Repayment of unpaid public deposits including small deposits
  • Relief in case of oppression and mismanagement
  • Other Applications
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